Listing your STO on IX Swap

Listing Application Link:

Step 01: KYC Checks on Primary Issuer

Primary Issuer to submit the copies of the following documents to IX Swap to determine listing suitability:

  1. Certificate of Company Incorporation

  2. Memorandum and Article of Association Company Constitution

  3. Company Organization Chart showing Ownership Structure signed copy or equivalent

  4. Register of all Beneficial Owners and Directors

  5. Certificate of Incumbency

  6. Certificate of good standing

  7. Copy of Audited Financials for last 3 years / most recent Audited Financials dated within the preceding 12 months exempted for licensed entities

  8. Smart Contract Audit Report

AML/KYC check for beneficial owners and directors:

  1. Certificated True Copy of Passport / Identification shows Identity of Beneficial Owners

  2. Proof of Address of Beneficial Owners

  3. POI and POA for Directors

  4. Copies of Issuer’s/Intermediate’s License (e.g. financial services, brokerage)

  5. Resolution of Authorized Signatory List or Specimen Signatures or Equivalent

Step 2: Adding info for Primary Issuer

After KYC checks have been cleared primary issuer will be added as an entity on IXS. This requires a few parameters:

  1. Name

  2. Website

  3. Description

Result: Primary Issuer entity is created on IX Swap.

After providing this information, developers will add a primary issuer entity. All of this info will be added to the IX Swap database by the IX Swap Team.

Step 3: Adding info for Original Security Token

Next step - Detail your security token information. Primary issuer has to provide the following information:

  1. Blockchain network Native

  2. Token name

  3. Token symbol/ticker

  4. Token contract address

  5. Token description

  6. Token external ID (if exists in the Primary Issuer’s Database)

  7. Number of decimal places

Result: Primary Issuer entity is created on IX Swap.

All this information will be added to the system and to Custodian by IX Swap Team.

Step 4: Creating a wrapped Token

All security tokens will have their corresponding representations on IXSwap as wrapped tokens. While security tokens are held by the custodian, users can operate with erc20 wTokens which represent and mirror the security tokens in terms of rights, name and obligations. Hence, when listing your ABC token, it will be displayed as ABC but it will be wABC under the hood.

During this stage, the primary issuer can decide to keep or change the naming convention. Additional Information to provide to IX Swap:

  1. Name for wrapped token the same by default

  2. Symbol for wrapped token the same by default

Result: Wrapped ERC20 Token is ready to be deployed to Ethereum Network.

All the information will be added to the system by IX Swap Team. Developers will initiate the process of deployment onto the blockchain network.

Step 5: Deploying wrapped Token smart-contract

The IX Swap Team deploys a smart contract to get ERC20 wToken ready for minting.

Result: Wrapped ERC20 Token is deployed and ready for using.

Optional - Step 6: KYC cross-check integration

Primary issuer has to the option to implement endpoints that IXS can call them and receive KYC information about their tokenholders.

The implementation is technical topic and different document, we send this document once a particular primary issuer requests listing on IXS.

Result: IX Swap is connected to Primary Issuer via an API and can check users’ KYC status.

Step 7: Minting Wrapped Tokens

Once a user passes KYC check it is then permitted to operate with wrapped tokens.

Users can deposit real tokens to Custodian smart-contract and get wTokens instead. Custodian will instruct IX Swap to mint wTokens and send them to the user's eth address.

Result: User gets wTokens equivalent for deposited Tokens and can trade them on IX Swap.

Step 8: Creating liquidity pool

After receiving wrapped tokens any user is able tocreate or add liquidity to a pool.

2 sides of the pair will be required to “add liquidity” (ie. wToken ABC + USDT)

Result: Once the pool is created any trader can trade any token from the provided pair.

For more information, please refer to the listing guide below or reach out to us at

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