On-chain Tokenized Portfolio Guide

IX Swap’s latest RWA product launch, Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTPs), focuses on gaming tokens, industry insider private deals, and liquid tokens, led by a KOL/influencer in the space. To participate, register on www.ixswap.io and complete KYC signup process to purchase and receive RWA tokens to your wallet.

Investing in an OTP deal on the launchpad through IX Swap involves three simple steps:

  1. Sign up on IX Swap App and get KYC approved.

  2. Register for Interest and Get Early Access.

  3. Invest and Receive your RWA in your Wallet.


A. Sign up on IX Swap App and get KYC approved.

To begin using IX Swap:

  1. Visit ixswap.io and click "Launch App."

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.

  3. Complete the KYC process by providing your identification details.

  4. Once verified, you're all set to start investing on the IXS Launchpad.

B. Register for Interest and Get Early Access

  1. Visit ixswap.io, launch the app, and navigate to the "IXS Launchpad" tab.

  2. Choose CoachK's Gaming Portfolio for investment.

  3. Enter your desired investment amount if it's in the "register to invest" stage.

  4. Await the commencement of the pre-sale.

  5. Invest during the pre-sale if accepted; otherwise, await the public sale.

C. Invest and Receive your RWA on your Wallet.

After approval for pre-sale:

  1. Click 'Invest' on the deal page to access your investment dashboard.

  2. Set your investment currency and amount based on your maximum investment limit.

  3. The public sale follows the pre-sale, open to everyone, including non-registered users. Your investment cap may increase, allowing larger investments. Participating in the pre-sale doesn't exclude you from the public sale; your earlier investment cap resets.

  4. Once both sales conclude, the deal closes, and further investments are halted. The platform then moves to the token claim stage. If the deal reached its soft cap, you'll claim your tokens. Otherwise, your initial investment is refunded to your Web3 wallet.



How can I invest in an OTP deal on IX Swap's launchpad?

  • To invest in an OTP deal, follow three steps: sign up on the IX Swap app, register for interest, and invest to receive RWA tokens.

2. What is the focus of IX Swap's Onchain Tokenized Portfolios?

  • OTPs offer a streamlined approach to portfolio creation, eliminating the need for traditional licenses, making it accessible to a broader range of individuals and entities.

3. What is required to sign up on the IX Swap app and start investing?

  • Visit ixswap.io, launch the app, connect your Metamask wallet, and complete KYC.

4. How do I register for interest and gain early access to investment opportunities?

  • Register for interest, navigate to "IXS Launchpad," choose CoachK's Gaming Portfolio, enter investment amount, and await the pre-sale.

5. What happens after my interest submission is approved for pre-sale?

  • After approval, click 'Invest' to set currency and amount, and await public sale if pre-sale concludes.

6. What occurs once both the pre-sale and public sale conclude?

  • After sales are concluded, further investments stop. If the soft cap is reached, you can claim your tokens; otherwise, you get a refund to Web3 wallet.

7. Do Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) receive any benefits for participating in Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTPs)?

  • Yes, KOLs receive a percentage of the portfolio's performance. If the portfolio performs well, they gain a percentage; if it loses money, they receive nothing.

8. What are the criteria for becoming a KOL to have an OTP?

  • Becoming a KOL to tokenize a portfolio involves meeting specific criteria set by IX Swap.

9. Is there a mechanism to prevent KOLs from leveraging their followers to manipulate portfolios for personal gain?

  • IX Swap emphasizes the importance of integrity for KOLs participating in OTPs. Any unethical behavior, such as using portfolios to manipulate markets, would damage the KOL's reputation and could lead to the shutdown of their portfolios.

10. What are Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTPs), and how do they revolutionize the Web3 space?

  • OTPs are curated portfolios of digital assets managed by KOLs, allowing diversified investments offered to retail and accredited investors through IX Swap's platform.

11. What benefits do OTPs offer for both KOLs and retail investors?

  • OTPs provide KOLs access to global capital and offer retail and accredited investors diversified portfolios managed by experienced KOLs for potentially enhanced returns.

12. How do OTPs ensure transparency and security for investors?

  • OTPs utilize blockchain technology for transparent and secure transactions, reducing fraud risks, alongside legal and compliance measures.

13. Do OTPs provide liquidity for investors?

  • Yes, OTPs offer liquidity, providing investors with a liquid market for buying and selling portfolio tokens.

14. How do OTPs foster community and collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem?

  • OTPs enable retail investors to actively participate in KOL-led investments, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem.

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