💰Dividend & Payout Function

The IX swap platform has introduced a dividend distribution payout function, allowing issuers or token managers to effortlessly set the desired distribution amounts, which will then be proportionally distributed to all STO token holders within the IXS ecosystem.

Distributing dividends & payouts on IXS

  1. Complete KYC for your account at https://app.ixswap.io/#/kyc

  2. Reach out to us at c@ixswap.io to request for the "Token Manager" role

  3. The IXS team will review the request and provide approval upon completion the necessary checks and authorization is given by the issuer

  4. Once approval has been provided, you will now be able to manage the approved tokens by clicking on "Manage" as displayed below

  1. Once the above steps have been completed, you are now ready to create your own payout event by clicking on "Create Payout Event" which will prompt you for specific distribution information as shown below:

  1. Once the event has been published, users will be able to view the event under the "Payout Events" tab

  1. After the record date has passed, the token manager will now have to send the distribution tokens to the distribution smart contract. This can be completed via the token management page.

  1. Upon completion of making payment, users will now be able to claim their dividends / payouts from the token claim page after the payment start date

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