Examination of Deal Offering & Terms

To fully comprehend the complexities of an investment agreement on the IXS Launchpad, it's imperative that we request and scrutinize the following components: the Offer Terms and Additional Information. This Additional Information should comprise details pertaining to the Token Specifications, intricate aspects of the Deal, and the strategic objectives encapsulated in the Deal Goals. These elements constitute the requisite information needed for the successful execution of the Launchpad project.

Token Specifics:

The following components define the specifics of a token in a deal:

  • Token Network: This highlights the blockchain network where the token is generated.

  • Explorer: This link directs you to the transaction page of the token on a blockchain explorer.

  • Address: Represents the unique token address on the blockchain.

  • Add to Metamask: This feature enables the easy addition of the token address to your Metamask wallet to streamline transactions.

Deal Details:

These details provide insight into the issuer and the investment type:

  • Issuer: The company that lists the deal seeking funding.

  • Country: The location of the company or the deal seeking funding.

  • Investment Type: This outlines whether the token represents Equity or Debt. Equity tokens signify shares in the deal or actual ownership, whereas Debt tokens denote that the company aims to borrow funds and repay them with interest.

  • Token Price: The price of a single token, denominated in US dollars.

  • Max. Investment Size: The upper limit on investment, either in dollars or tokens, during the Public Sale.

  • Min. Investment Size: The lower limit on investment, either in dollars or tokens, during the Pre-Sale.

Deal Goals:

This section illustrates the financial targets of the deal:

  • Soft Cap: The minimal amount needed to raise for the deal to be considered successful.

  • Hard Cap: The total amount the issuer aims to raise for the deal.

  • Allocated for Pre-Sale: The part of the Hard Cap amount designated for the Pre-Sale phase.

  • Allocated for Public Sale: The part of the Hard Cap amount designated for the Public Sale phase.

Pre-Sale Investment Size (if different from Public Sale):

  • Max. Investment Size: The maximum investment limit during the Pre-Sale phase.

  • Min. Investment Size: The minimum investment limit during the Pre-Sale phase.

Offer Terms (Optional):

  • Investment Structure: This outlines whether the investment represents equity or debt.

  • Dividend Yield: The return rate a company provides to its shareholders in dividends, as a percentage.

  • Investment Periods: The length of time an investor intends to hold onto an investment.

  • Gross IRR (%): The total Internal Rate of Return (IRR) before any fees or carried interest is subtracted.

  • Distribution Frequency: The frequency of return or dividend payouts to investors.

Vesting (Optional):

Vesting refers to a gradual unlocking process for your token investments:

  • Vesting Starts: The beginning date of the vesting period and the first payout.

  • Period: The length of the vesting period (e.g., 4 years).

  • Payout Frequency: How often token distributions occur during the vesting period.

  • Percentage Distributed Per Frequency: The proportion of tokens distributed each time.

  • Cliff: A specified period before any vested tokens can be claimed.

Accepted Tokens for Investment:

Investments can be made using the following tokens: IXS, BTC, ETH, MATIC, USDT, and USDC.

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