Claiming your Vested Tokens from IDO / IEO

Participants in the IXS public IDO and private sale will be able to claim their vested IXS Tokens via the IX Swap Platform through our β€œclaim” function.

Please follow the steps below to claim your vested IXS tokens.

Step 1 β€” Navigate from the landing page to the IXS Vesting Page.

Step 2 β€” Connect your MetaMask Web3 wallet to the IX Swap Web3 app.

Step 3 β€” Check your IXS Balance.

Step 4 β€” Claim IXS.

Please note that this guide is not applicable for KuCoin IEO participants. For all other users (public sale participants), the first vesting period will be on the 15th of September 2021. Users will be able to claim their tokens from our site.

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