How do I buy WIXS on QuickSwap?

IXS on the Polygon network is referred to as WIXS. IXS and WIXS are the same token and have the same value, wherein 1 WIXS is equal to 1 IXS. If there is a small price difference, this is due to the different exchanges.

Please note that when using QuickSwap to buy WIXS, you need to use MATIC as a purchase currency.

When you click on the amount of MATIC you want to use to buy WIXS, it is important to not click MAX because you will need some MATIC left in your wallet to pay for transactions on the Polygon network as this is their native token used for transaction costs.

  1. Click Swap.

Important Reminders

  • If you can’t see your WIXS in your wallet, you have to add the contract address manually to your wallet. You can refer to this MetaMask guide for more information.

  • If you already own IXS on the Ethereum Network, these can also be bridged to IXS tokens on the Polygon network (WIXS). Please refer to our guide here to see how to bridge your tokens.

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