Liquidity Provision

How do I become a liquidity provider?

Once you have your wrapped tokens, you can add and use them on any of our liquidity pools. When you add liquidity, you will receive pool tokens representing your position. These tokens automatically earn fees proportional to your share of the pool and can be redeemed at any time.

  1. Launch the app at

  2. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect.

  3. Click the Pools tab.

  4. Click the Add Liquidity button.

  5. Select your security token and enter the amount you want to add to the liquidity pool.

  6. Click the Approve button.

  7. Click the Confirm button to ​​give permission to access your wrapped token.

  8. Click the Supply button and then click Confirm Supply to proceed.

  9. Click the Confirm button on the MetaMask pop-up message.

The green “M” on the right side indicates that the pool is created with Risk Mitigation enabled.

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