How do I get accredited for security token usage?

There are two options on how to proceed with your KYC application. You can opt to accomplish your KYC by having your identity verified through your primary issuer or you can accomplish the KYC process directly on the IX Swap platform (recommended).

  1. Launch the app at

  2. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect.

  3. Click the Security Tokens tab.

  4. Choose the security token you want to use from the list. Please note that this step is directly related to your KYC accreditation and requirements for each individual security token.

  5. Click the Pass KYC and Accreditation button.

  6. Choose your preferred broker-dealer (who will approve all your swap transactions with security tokens) and custodian (who will keep your real security tokens in safety).

  7. Click Start Accreditation. This process might take up to three (3) days under normal circumstances.

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