How do I launch a Primary Issuance?

To be eligible to initiate projects for fundraising, you first need to set up a corporate account on the IX Swap App. The account registration is crucial for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Upon approval, you'll have access to the Issuer's Dashboard, which can be accessed from the top navigation bar while you're logged into the App.

After your business account has been successfully KYC verified, you're free to propose as many projects for fundraising as you like! Simply navigate to the Issuers page to get started.

This page functions as your control center for all your issuances. You can track the progress of your applications, revisit past issuances, and manage live issuances.

To start your first project, click the "+ New Issuance" button at the top right corner. Give your issuance a unique identifier - this is mainly for your internal tracking and does not impact how the issuance will be presented publicly.

By clicking 'submit', you have created a new application for an issuance. You'll notice a few necessary steps to complete before the issuance can be launched (subject to approval). Two main steps to be filled include 1. Vetting process, and 2. Issuance information. Ensure the first step is thoroughly completed and approved before proceeding to the next one.

Click "Proceed" under the first step and complete the form. Once the form has been filled out, the IX Swap team will review the application. If additional information is needed, we will reach out to you.

Upon completion of the first step, you can then proceed to fill out the issuance information form for the second step. Verify that the details entered are accurate, as most of the changes to this form need to be facilitated through the IX Swap team. After the second form is approved, your unique issuance page will be created. Here, you can manage the issuance, monitor the fundraising data, and more.

The Dedicated Issuance Page - This platform allows you to manage your issuance. For example, you can whitelist specific wallets, permitting them to invest without following the same procedures as other investors. Upon completion of the fundraising, you can initiate the claim process by selecting the "Start Claim Process" button.

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