Is IX Swap DeFi?

As a company, IX Swap is run by a team of dedicated members who are seasoned in both traditional finance and blockchain technology. Meanwhile, as a platform and a CeFi-DeFi bridge, IX Swap leverages blockchain technology to deliver DeFi services, as well as provide traditional financial markets with blockchain-based solutions.

It is important to understand that DeFi and governance are two different things, such as when a DeFi project is developed and run by a core team to successfully launch it off the ground - like in the case of IX Swap.

Decentralized finance, commonly known as DeFi, refers to the concept of using modern technology like blockchain to eliminate the need for third parties and middlemen, such as central banks or government agencies, to approve financial transactions.

DeFi also refers to specific financial services that exist on public blockchains like Ethereum, which leverage smart contracts and decentralized apps (DApps). In its most basic sense, DeFi services let you enjoy financial transactions that traditionally need banks, such as earning interest, lending, borrowing, and trading, without banks or other intermediaries and without the usual paperwork.

As a result, DeFi paves the way for affordable, fast, open, inclusive, and accessible financial services that bring unprecedented opportunities to everyone - which is what IX Swap aims to do in the security token (STO) and fractionalized NFT (F-NFT) space, backed by the experience and insights of the team behind it.

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