How do I Invest in a deal on the launchpad?

1. Signing Up and Authenticating Your Account on the IX Swap App

Navigate to the IX Swap website at and click on the "Launch App" button. You will be asked to connect a third-party wallet such as Metamask. Ensure your Metamask wallet has already been prepared and funded.

Upon wallet connection, you'll need to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which involves providing specific identification details to comply with regulatory requirements. This process is essential in preventing illicit activities like fraud and money laundering.

Once you've submitted your KYC information, your account will be reviewed by the IXS team. You will receive a notification once your account has been verified, signaling your readiness to start investing on the IXS Launchpad.

2. Kickstarting Your Investments on the Launchpad

With your funded wallet and verified account, you're ready to start investing. Return to and click on the "Launch App" button. Navigate to the "IXS Launchpad" tab to browse available deals.

To invest, click on a deal that catches your interest. If the deal is in the "register to invest" stage, you can express your interest by inserting the amount of money you are interested in investing, and wait for the pre-sale stage, depending on the issuer's decision. Pre-sales typically operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, it's not always included in the investment process by issuers. Sometimes, the "register to invest" stage merely gauges investor interest before opening the investment to all on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If a pre-sale stage is included and is either filled or the closure date has passed, the public sale stage kicks off. You can find the timelines for these stages under the individual deal details.

After submitting the "Register to Invest" form, ensure you note down the commencement date for the pre-sale. When this stage starts, you'll either be navigated to the pre-sale stage to invest, or you may encounter an error message. This message indicates your application for the pre-sale wasn't accepted, and you should wait for the public sale to participate in the deal.

3. Pre-Sale and Public Sale Participation:

If your interest submission has been approved for pre-sale participation, you'll note there's a cap on how much each user can invest. On the deal page, click 'Invest' to open your investment dashboard where your maximum investment limit is displayed. Select your preferred investment currency and the amount you wish to invest.

Following the successful conclusion of a pre-sale, the public sale stage begins. Public sales function similarly to pre-sales but are accessible to everyone, even those who didn't register their interest initially. The investment cap for public sales could be higher, offering the opportunity for larger investments. Remember, participation in the pre-sale doesn't exclude you from the public sale - and your earlier investment cap is reset.

4. Closing Stage and Token Claim:

After both sales stages wrap up, the deal is declared closed and no further investments can be made.

Post-closure, the platform enters the token claim stage. This is when you'll claim your tokens if the deal was successfully funded and met its soft cap. However, if the deal wasn't successfully funded, you'll be able to claim back your initial investment. These tokens or refunded investment will be transferred back to your Web3 wallet.

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